Want to send mail? You've come to the right place!

Send mail to:
Stephen Georg
PO Box 721
Longs, SC 29568

Before you send mail, please read over the sections below.

General Info

We've been receiving mail from viewers for over 8 years and counting! All letters are opened and read offscreen, then we start the episode by reading the best one. After the letter, we open packages and record our first reactions. If the package includes a letter, we'll usually read a bit of it as well. Then we wrap everything up by showing a list of everyone who sent in mail, even if it wasn't featured. These videos are released every month as "VlogMail"!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this work?
A: Viewers send us letters and packages. Once a month, we open these on StephenVlog.

Q: What can we send?
A: People normally send letters, art, recipes, fridge magnets, trading cards, video games, books, or movies. If you wish to send us food, please understand that it must be pre-packaged. A special candy bar from your country is fine, but please don't bake us brownies. It's partially a safety precaution, but also ensures the food won't go bad (mail gets behind sometimes).

Q: I want to send a recipe!
A: Did you know we're creating a cookbook? If you'd like your recipe included, you must fill out a release form. Send it along with your recipe!

Q: I want to send a video game!
A: You are free to send whatever you'd like, but you might want to check out our Collection page. You may have something we're missing! That'd be rad. We trade in duplicates to our local video game store and get other video games, though - so even duplicates help!

Q: I want to send a board/card game!
A: Like above, you should check out our Collection page to see what we've already got!

Q: I want to send a movie!
A: As before, we list all our Blu-Rays on the Collection page. That'll let you know if we have something or not!

Q: I want to send a shirt! What sizes do you wear?
A: Stephen wears a Large. Mal typically wears a Women's Large or a Men's Medium.

Q: Any food allergies?
A: Mal is allergic to peanuts, but as long as the food you send is properly labeled (bonus points if you make note of it in your letter), it'll be fine. Mal can be around peanuts, she just can't eat them. (Stephen, however, loves peanuts.)

Q: Any other allergies?
A: Yes! Mal is very, very allergic to latex (rubber). These days, most things are fortunately made with silicone instead, but please double-check on anything you're not sure of. We kindly request that you do not send us rubber items.

Q: Will my letter be read on video?
A: While we read every single letter off-camera, we only show one or two on-camera. If you send a package and include a letter inside, it will be read on video. Regardless of whether you've sent a letter or package, letters we read on video may be shortened at our discretion.

Q: What qualifies as a package?
A: Generally a box or a large mailer, but we reserve the right to qualify or disqualify letters and packages. Don't put letters in giant boxes by themselves, basically.

Q: If my letter isn't read on video, how will I know you got it?
A: We thank everyone who sent us something, regardless of whether it was shown on video or not, at the end of each mail video.

Q: Will you give out my personal information?
A: Everyone who sends in a letter or package will have their first name, city and state shown at the end of the video. If you include your YouTube channel in your letter, and your letter is read, it may also be shown on-screen. No last names or full addresses are released on video.

Q: I live in another country! Can I still send mail?
A: Of course! We regularly receive mail from all over the world.

Q: Can I have something shipped to you (from Amazon, for example)?
A: Yes, but please include a gift message and let us know it's from you!

Q: Can I send you a monthly subscription box?
A: Yes, but please contact us ahead of time and let us know it's coming! We want to make sure we have someone to thank in the video. Also be aware that we only show the first month of a subscription box on StephenMail. Future boxes will either be opened on the vlog or off-camera.

Q: You know [person]! Can I send them a letter or package through you?
A: No. Please do not send us other people's mail. If they want to receive your mail, they will set up their own PO Box.

Q: What can I do to increase my odds of having my letter read on video?
A: Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar - all these things help! Also, if you send a package, an included letter will be read on video.

Q: Are there rules for letters?
A: No rules, but we kindly ask that you keep your letter to just a paragraph or two. Longer letters are fine, but we won't be able to read the entire thing on video.

Q: When do mail videos go up?
A: All mail is opened halfway into the following month. So January's mail is opened around mid-February and so forth.

Thanks for reading, and we can't wait to see what you've sent!